Checking in on 2019 Goals

I've spent a lot of time this week thinking about 2020 goals, which I'll document in a separate post. I feel really optimistic about 2020, and the 2020's more broadly. But it's not so much turning a new leaf as continuing. Life is good and I count myself lucky in many ways.

2019, though, was an up-and-down year... for many of us it seems. For me, the first half of the year was focused on a major surgery and recovery. I came out of that craving change and reinvention but with no idea what I wanted.

And so I puttered along and did little things. It doesn't make a great Christmas card headline, but most of living happens between the headlines anyway.

Checking in on the goals I set this time last year...

1. Get through the health stuff I need to get through - Done! I feel 100%
2. Continue training Beau - Yep! He’s doing so good these days :)
3. Get more acupuncture, massage and self-care (use those benefits) - Yep, yep, yep!
4. Set new professional goals - Sortof. Not the change I had in mind when I wrote this, but there's an exciting plan that needs more time
5. Figure out work wardrobe (I’ve been in a rut) - Yep :)
6. When I can, start running again - Didn’t do this. Exercise will be a huge 2020 focus.
7. Be a better listener - Work in progress…
8. Drink less alcohol (it increasingly bores me to get drunk) - I quit drinking almost altogether!
9. Visit Ireland - Yep!
10. Visit Lake Louise - Nope…
11. Travel somewhere new - Nope…
12. Continue making my home a home I love - Yep! Home will always evolve, but I accomplished a lot this year!
13. Keep more to myself (I can be too much of an open book) - I think so???
14. Make purchases with great purpose - I think I made good purchases, but I made too many of them...
15. Save more money - I actually did this! I want to save even more in 2020
16. Find new positive ways of understanding self, life, choices; live freely - Work in progress, but I feel more free from past bullshit
17. Read more books & poetry - Reading slowed down in second half of the year, but I read a lot more this year, which I posted about here and here
18. Spend equal time teaching & learning - I think so?
19. Get more facials - I mastered facials in 2019
20. Stop TV marathoning (no more than one episode at a time!) - Broke this when recovering from surgery but overall did an okay job at this
21. Keep bringing lunch to work - Did this in spurts but want to be more consistent
22. Stop swearing (or at least, swear a lot less) - I think I made a dent in this, but can keep working on it
23. Cook a new recipe every weekend - Utter failure
24. Have people over more! - Hmmm… about the same. I'm not sure why I even wanted to do this?
25. Eat mostly plant-based but don’t be rigid about rules - Yeah, went through phases of being vegan and definitely feel better
26. Don’t let people I dislike cause pain - Working through some of this, but I'm becoming more confident saying "fuck them"
27. Wear sunscreen (find a sunscreen I'll wear first) - Yes! I wear sunscreen daily now (Supergoop!)
28. Switch to natural deodorant - Failure! I’m scared of the stinky phase
29. Push work to a higher quality, every day - Feel proud of my work right now
30. Watch more new movies and documentaries - I think I did okay on this, but would rather read more
31. Make fewer, better, more meaningful photographs - Nope, just Instagrammed my dog too much
32. Less screen time (esp. Instagram) - Nope, Instagrammmmmm
33. Relearn how to single-task - I think I did a good job at this overall
34. Stop saying "you guys" - I still slip occasionally, but have more or less eliminated this!
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