2020 Goals

2019 was a survival year for me. I hope 2020 is a thriving one.

Some of my 2020 goals are “keep going” but some involve doing things differently.

The most controversial goal is weight-loss. I guess it’s a cliche sort of resolution… the kind that seems destined to fail. And I suppose it’s not fashionable to want to lose weight; the prevailing message is self-acceptance. But I think it's okay to strive to change something you're not happy about.

But it seems natural for me to focus here now: My body went through hell last year. I didn’t push it to perform as much as just get through it. And sometimes that meant rest and food.

I think there’s also a loss of trust in your body when you get sick. And you have to trust your body if you’re going to ask it to run, or stretch. I’m ready to get back there.

Okay, so here’s the full list:
1. Keep reading more: I’m always a happier person when there’s a book on the go
2. Start running again and stretch properly
3. Lose weight, but also just listen to my body about what feels right…
4. Keep up 4-6 week facials
5. Increase my pension contribution %
6. Use all massage, acupuncture benefits
7. Tack somewhere in Europe (Aix, Vienna, Rome, Paris, Bath, Edinburgh?) onto my next trip home
8. Unsubscribe from retail newsletters (to minimize impulse spending)
9. Unfollow retail Instagram accounts (also to minimize impulse spending)
10. Save SUPER aggressively
11. Work A LOT on side hustle stuff
12. Find an accountant
13. Keep up Beau’s training - his “off” command needs more work outdoors
14. Watch a lot less TV - maybe unsubscribe from some streaming services?
15. Keep up daily meditation - I fell in love with Headspace in 2019
16. Go vegan when eating at home (vegetarian eating out)
17. Shop a lot less this year - replacing, upgrading rather than adding…
18. Wear more of the shoes I have in my closet!
19. When spring/summer rolls around, spend more time in the ravines
20. Find more ways of minimizing plastics in grocery shopping
21. Paint kitchen!
22. Replace mattress with organic one (maybe this brand?)
23. Incorporate more writing on Instagram, which means slowing down & being thoughtful about what I post and why
24. Add one new recipe a month to my “everyday” cooking arsenal
25. Forget what others want/expect from me and be brave enough to take some risks
26. Don’t worry so much if I suck at something I really enjoy doing….
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