2019 Goals

As we close out 2018, I'm both nervous and excited about what 2019 will hold. I know there will be some personal challenges ahead, but I'm also hoping to come out the other side of some difficult things I've been going through.

I always set some intentions for the new year. Personal goals and commitments. I'm not fond of the word "resolution". It conjures too much "reform" for me and I don't feel that way about my life. But I do embrace change and growth each year and try to make those things happen with intention.

Most of these won't begin right away. Indeed, January always feels like the worst month to do anything different. But hopefully throughout the course of 2019 I can make these lovely things happen.

  1. Get through the health stuff I need to get through
  2. Continue training Beau
  3. Get more acupuncture, massage and self-care (use those benefits)
  4. Set new professional goals
  5. Figure out work wardrobe (I’ve been in a rut)
  6. When I can, start running again
  7. Be a better listener
  8. Drink less alcohol (it increasingly bores me to get drunk) 
  9. Visit Ireland
  10. Visit Lake Louise
  11. Travel somewhere new
  12. Continue making my home a home I love
  13. Keep more to myself (I can be too much of an open book)
  14. Make purchases with great purpose 
  15. Save more money
  16. Find new positive ways of understanding self, life, choices; live freely
  17. Read more books & poetry
  18. Spend equal time teaching & learning
  19. Get more facials
  20. Stop TV marathoning (no more than one episode at a time!)
  21. Keep bringing lunch to work
  22. Stop swearing (or at least, swear a lot less)
  23. Cook a new recipe every weekend
  24. Have people over more!
  25. Eat mostly plant-based but don’t be rigid about rules
  26. Don’t let people I dislike cause pain
  27. Wear sunscreen (find a sunscreen I'll wear first)
  28. Switch to natural deodorant
  29. Push work to a higher quality, every day
  30. Watch more new movies and documentaries
  31. Make fewer, better, more meaningful photographs 
  32. Less screen time (esp. Instagram)
  33. Relearn how to single-task
  34. Stop saying "you guys" 
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