These things

I'm living with my sofa right now knowing that it would be senseless to buy a new one while Beau is still a pup. So far, he hasn't been at all destructive (apart from nibbling on the corner of a cushion I hated anyway, he mostly sticks to his own stuff). But we're not done teething yet. And so it seems sensible to wait.

I've been fantasizing about pink sofas and blue sofas, but a sofa is a decade-long purchase (at least) so it seems sensible not to buy too heavily into my mood of the moment. These things I know: I want a tight back sofa (I hate that collapsed cushion look that happens over time.) I want an extra deep one too. I had been thinking about modern styles (chunky, low slung), but I've always loved a good roll arm.

I also saw these armchairs on the Anthro site and am in love with them. And the rest? Usual suspects I've long lusted after: Moons and ceramics and tweedy Irish goodness. You can't go wrong, right?

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