Sunday best: Winter returneth

I kinda like when there's a polar vortex because it's probably the most epic sounding weather system. I mean: Polar Vortex. Don't you just feel like you're taking your life in your hands uttering the words. But basically... it's just cold again.

I've been thinking vague inarticulable things. I've been craving the sea. I want to pull myself out into the water and swim back with all the power of an incoming tide behind me. I want to feel the pebbles scrape my knees and to lie on sand, cold and raw and spent.

I'm exhausted from all the faces I have to wear living in the city, working in the city. The hardboiled work banter. The neighbourly platitudes with other dog owners as I walk our blocks. I don't ever remember their dog's names. Sometimes I tense when I see them coming, bracing for the mundane exchange. I often miss the solitude I had before Beau, how confident I could be in my anonymity. Sometimes it's nice to chat, of course. But other times I wish for wide spaces we could walk without encountering other souls.

Today, I'm really just reading and doing my chores. Weekends go by so fast. I feel like I go get dog food and then it's all over. I like this look though. It would be nice to be wearing this today.

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