Sunday best: Enjoying outdoors again

Yesterday was a joy-filled, coatless day. I walked without noticing the steps, without calculating how much further I had to go, how much longer I'd be cold for. I sat on a bench in the sunshine, Beau at my feet giving audience to all who admired him, little poseur that he is.

The weather, of course, gave me spring-cleaning fever, like I need weather to egg me on in that department. I've been doing a slow purge, picking a few things to part with as I open drawers or rearrange shelves.

The week was a bit of a mental rollercoaster. I came full circle on the whole moving idea, deciding instead to funnel my funds into saving (hopefully towards purchasing). I'm a million miles away from it, but I'm not sufficiently unhappy with this place to increase my rent by two-thirds, which is what I was staring down. And really, what I dream of is a place of my own...

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