Sunday best: Cosy and calm

I'm feeling subdued right now. The honeymoon phase has worn off the new job; nothing bad, just what you'd expect with a little bit of dailiness kicking in. Things that felt dramatic and new beginning to feel familiar. It's funny, it's what I was waiting for; the edge to be softened on my days. And yet there's still something a little cathartic about it.

Subdued is happy too, though. The pleasure of easy, undramatic things is a welcome return. Going for coffee, or sitting on the steps outside my building with Beau. And it's easy to be happy with simple things on spring days.

I love this look: these soft, dreamy colours match my mood at the moment.

Products: Mohair tweed knit coat from Toast | Rose Thorn Pendant from Anita Ko | Tri-Opal earrings from WWAKE | Tomas Maier tee from The Outnet | The Lip Slip from Sara Happ | Canfield watch from Shinola | Golden Goose Beige Suede Superstar Sneakers from SSense | J Brand jeans from Net-a-Porter | Siduri Backpack from Rennes
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