Winter gave us a last kick at the can this week, but I think (hope!) we're done now. And it's a long weekend, so I feel like we've all earned a sleep in, and a hug, after this week.

I knew how the Ghomeshi verdict would go yesterday, but I found myself really upset about it as the sun set on the day. I guess I didn't expect to be so upset about something I was totally prepared for. There's so much to say here. So much that's already been said already. We need to keep saying it over and over. The Madonna/whore complex is nowhere more problematic than when it manifests in expected behaviour of women in the face of abuse. Let's be clear: A man has gotten away with abuse because we have fucked up ideas about the pristine ways women ought to behave when they're traumatized. As if there's anything pristine about being abused. As if there's anything in that experience that would make you more perfect, and not ultimately broken and at odds with yourself. I'm so upset because I relate to all of this. But, more than that, I'm upset because I feel that literally every woman I know has had at least one experience like this.
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