This week was all about work and money. Not exactly the transporting stuff of lifestyle blogs, but important to me right now...

Work is starting to ramp up, which means it's all starting to feel very familiar and rhythmic and hopefully I'm adding value. On the money front, I worked on developing a really realistic budget based on what I spend every month (which I never normally analyze, happy-go-lucky creature as I am). And you know the way people sometimes keep a food diary and suddenly see all these empty calories they've been consuming? I suddenly saw my own financial equivalents. Anyway, I'm feeling good because there's a plan, both immediate and long-term.

Some links I enjoyed this week:
  • Trader Joe’s overall in-store aesthetic tries to consolidate these genteel inconveniences into a nostalgic evocation of old-time neighborhood mom ‘n pop stores... As part of this strategy, the company is reticent about advertising: It restricts its marketing mainly to its almanac-like “Fearless Flyer” circular that conjures quaint images of old letterpresses and coupon-clipping grandmas. No social media, no email marketing, few radio ads, no television or newspaper ads. TNI
  • More groceries: Who Spends More: The Whole Foods or Walmart Shopper?
  • "Future historians of the sudden rise to global prominence of the new social media will surely have a hard job explaining why platforms that brought so much joy to people, and enabled so many new friendships and connections, were also platforms that facilitated such quantities of trolling, vitriol, contumely and despite." - John Wick and Modern Anger
  • "We haven’t escaped the idea that marriage remains the organizing principle of female adult life" also "Work has the power to satisfy, and organize, and motivate, and reward women. We just don’t give it the credit that we knee-jerk give to wifeliness, and motherhood." (from, via)
  • It's amazing to think of what Blogger could have been if Google hadn't neglected it.
  • "I enjoy a good owl joke as much as the next person, but world-world class storytelling this was not. Snapchat insists “this is not social media.” Then what the hell is it?"
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