Sunday best: Canadian tuxedo

Sunday bests are usually a little flight of fantasy... Reality is that right now I'm sitting here at Starbucks in my favourite running leggings. Often, there are little elements that are true; I'm fairly faithful to Lip Slip and a small range of perfumes, you may have noticed. Jewelry too, if not exact, is usually fairly representative.

The rest; well sometimes it's just a pure daydream, trying on an outfit I might not wear in real life but that I still feel is somehow "me." (Isn't it funny how we can relate to and identify with a style we don't manifest on ourselves?) Sometimes, I use Sunday best to get some item out of my system. Other times, I find myself reaching for the same thing over and over and start to feel like I really ought to own the whole ensemble.

Today is one of those latter days. The Golden Goose sneaks have made a recent appearance here too. And I'm clearly on a whole blue-on-blue streak. I don't usually do well with buttondown shirts (bad, small shoulders, boobs combo) but I have my fingers crossed for the ones from Frank & Eileeen.

But back to reality: Across the road, there are two loads of laundry in dryers and a pup who seems confused about his schedule (we've been up since 5am and on two walks already). For both our sakes, I'm taking a time out and drinking this coffee slowly. But it's suddenly, indubitably, spring. Winter may not agree, but I saw a tree full of robins this morning; the birds have already decided. It's hard then to feel mad about being up and about in the world, and seeing everything stretch and come to life after the long sleep of winter.

Products: Barry shirt by Frank & Eileen | Rag & Bone jeans from Matches | The Gomelsky from Shinola | Rose of No Man's Land from Byredo | The Lip Slip by Sara Happ | Golden Goose sneakers from SSense | Marquise Opal Ring from WWake | FZ 30 bag from M0851
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