Between work and weather and malarky, I didn't quite have my head screwed on the normal way this week.

There's a strange, antsy torpor that besets when I'm ready for a new season, straining to see signs of transition. The light from indoors right now holds the promise of spring. And I can vividly imagine green shoots and the scent of hyacinths. But the air outside betrays me and the perfectly reasonable, seasonal chill seems suddenly beyond intolerable.

The winter has been a blur of change, so I'm imbuing the idea of Spring with a move towards some semblance of new normal, no less exciting but a little more familiar and more rhythmic. I imagine days opening up and getting back to longer runs, Beau coming more and more into himself too.

Some links for your reading pleasure!

And guess who graduated from puppy classes this week?!

Have a great weekend!
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