It's a long weekend here, which is a lovely thing, perfectly timed. It got very cold suddenly this week, so my plans for the weekend barely take me out of doors. Though Beau will be going to the groomers for the first time (just for a shampoo - I feel like i never want to cut his perfect hair. OMG I'm Celine!) And I will be brunching and catching up with some people, which is good because I've been starting to have a meaningful monologue with the dog.

I found myself thinking about moving house this week. I suppose it's because so much has changed of late; the job, Beau... being in the same apartment is starting to feel a bit like a relic of another time rather than part of my future. Dreaming of new walls is one thing though -- my apartment is lovely, affordable, in my favourite neighbourhood and dogs are no problem. And at the back of my mind, I'm thinking I should stay where I am and save up to buy (with no idea for how plausible that really is). We'll see... but it's interesting to feel the ripple effect changes in other areas create.

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