Decor mood

Beau's arrival marked a new kind of patience in my days. Not only patience pertaining to doggy affairs (standing around at twilight waiting for pup to pee), but life more generally. Decorating, which sometimes consumed me in almost frantic impatience now takes a back seat to the reality of living with a pup. And my thoughts are of the slow simmer variety. Lately, I find myself leaning towards a softer palette, which I suppose isn't really a new thing since it's readily visible in my space already. But I guess I never "owned" it and I suppose it was this recent post that really inspired me to consider the baby blue sofa. Here's the current daydream...

P.S. If anybody (not a blogger who got a free sofa to blog about it) has tried Bryght, I'd love to know what you think. The prices are incredible and a sofa is really on my wishlist for this year.

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