Sunday best: Just chill

The air was subdued when I woke at 4am this morning and I opened a window a chink just to let a blast of the cold, full moon air in. I dragged a blanket out to the sofa and resettled myself there for another hour of sleep, full of strange dreams of past colliding with present. I was fully awake again by the time the sun came up, filling the sky with peach and watermelon pinks, gaudy and impossible.

I don't expect today to be very productive. I'll ready myself and the pup for a return to normalcy after two weeks off, though what that new normal will look like is still an uncertainty. After 6 weeks of nothing feeling stable, I'm looking forward to finding the groove in days again, that place where I can move confidently through the arc of a week, knowing the tasks and people at play, recognizing the moments of respite and revelling in the joy.

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