Sunday best: Feeling blue

...literally, not figuratively. I'm not blue at all. But spring is (strangely, likely temporarily) in the air and I'm feeling all these relaxed and beachy vibes.

I was up at 5am walking Beau and the moon was a perfect last quarter moon, low and shrouded in mist. Much as I grumble about the early morning walks, there's something so beautiful about this solitude. Seeing the city in those secret moments.

I went to sleep with the name Anna Wetherell on my lips, reading The Luminaries. I'll likely finish it today or tomorrow and then I'll be tweeting about how sad I am. It's a book I'll read again an again, I think. Up there with Middlemarch and the handful of other books that I form a connection so personal with I feel like it's wholly, selfishly mine.

And I think I would love to read it again when I'm close to the sea, perhaps even in New Zealand, which is one of my dream trips...

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