I mentioned that one of my resolutions includes finding some storage efficiencies in my apartment. You wouldn't know it from my place right now, but I'd really prefer a little more "air" around things. It feels like everything is on display all at once and I'd like to put more stuff away and rotate fewer decor accessories to keep things visually interesting and dynamic (since I love rearranging).

Although I want more than anything else to buy new upholstery in 2016, storage changes (a) will have a bigger knock-on effect, and (b) the timing makes way more sense in terms of pup development / destruction. There are three main areas of storage I need to address:

1. Bookshelves: 
Most of my books are stored in a large Expedit shelf along one wall. There are also some built-ins (left over from the mantle I ripped out) on the other side of the couch.

What I'd really like is to replace the big Expedit with built-ins with enclosed storage at the bottom (for magazines and ratty books) and then shelves that go to the ceiling. This would mean I could rip out the crappy built-ins, leaving some air around the sofa. Here are some shelf ideas I like:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

2. Clothes storage: 
I have a built-in in my bedroom, which I improved the capacity of with a Rubbermaid configurations system. Folded things are in a chest, which I do not love. Then, out in the hallway, there's a closet which I mostly use for shoe storage.

1 | 2 | 3

I'd like to replace the chest with a wall of slimline floor-to-ceiling built-ins that could be used for folded garments, shoes (freeing up the shoe closet), contain some drawers and also conceal a vanity area and stuff like my hairdryer and all those pesky wires. Most of my inspiration is from Poliform (swoon), but realistically I'm looking at a Pax hack.

3. Other closets: 
There are two additional closets in the place: An entryway closet which currently is home to coats, my unused enlarger (which I'll probably sell), vacuum and a filing cabinet, and the aforementioned shoe closet.

I'd like the entryway closet to be a true entryway closet - just coats with room for guest's coats too, Beau's walking stuff and my vacuum. There might be some minor configuring to be done here (move the clothes rail forward, add shelves at the rear). The hallway shoe closet I imagine more for storing decor items, vases, as well as bathroom extras. Its shelving is sadly fixed but I probably won't bother changing that.
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