Back on a schedule and getting used to it! My week has been focused on two things — work and Beau. Everything else has been boiled down to the essential checklist: Dinners have been of the nosebag variety, the TV was barely turned on. There were no luxuriating baths or beauty routines. And, until now, no blogging.

Still, I’m not upset about this; I’m immersed in this exciting new world and, one week in, feeling like I’ve landed such a dream job. Beau is growing up so fast, learning new things every day! Perhaps because I’m so close to him I don’t always see the progress and it feels of the sidewinder variety. But his vet and trainers reassure me I’m doing the right things, which I need to hear!

I’ve started to fantasize about what it will be like to bring him to work, about the freedom that will come when he’s had all his shots, and when the days start to get longer and warmer.

And... I actually have some links to share this week!
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