I think it must have been my early love of Tolkien that made me love books that require flipping constantly to a page to consult a key of some kind -- a map, or cast of characters. That might also explain why I love books that conjure an entire universe.

I've hopped from David Mitchell's world straight into Eleanor Catton's and both have made these two weeks off feel other-worldly, distracted by ideas and characters set not just in a different place and time, but living with another world order. I think this is the thing I miss the most about reading, how I become 70% whatever other world I'm living through the page and I can barely hold a conversation without wanting to share that feeling, though there is no adequate description.

Still, it was also a week full of good check-marks: Between reading, I built some shelves in my front closet and accomplished a portion of my storage resolution. Beau got his second round of shots and started puppy school and much as it's hard for me to see sometimes, I believe we're making good progress on training and shaping him into the best wee fella that ever was, though it's all forcing me to learn new levels of patience.

So, absorbing has all of this been, that I've barely registered any real links this week. And I have naught to share but my tidings for a good weekend!
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