I have a newfound admiration for new moms who manage to keep blogging. One wee pup and I’m completely derailed. I have to say, though, it’s mostly because Beau’s utterly irresistible. Even when I’m actively ignoring him (which I need to do so he doesn’t become some egomaniac), I’m still preoccupied by ignoring him, timing it, how long should ignore him for? - trying to use the time in ways that get him used to the things I might use that time for normally.

It has changed the nature of my time, perhaps not so much physically as mentally. And I’m not ashamed to say it’s an adjustment, understanding how much autonomy I had before, how self-governing the minute-to-minute was. And now, how suddenly beholden many moments are – often delightfully so – but beholden nevertheless. And that’s strangely exhilarating even when it’s not terribly fun (scooping poop and so forth).

But it’s not just the time that impacts blogging. It’s the “what do I have to talk about now, then?” Suddenly there doesn't seem to be much else happening. I'm not thinking about half as much (though there's plenty that's occupying happening!) But, I suppose this is when blogging is both interesting and challenging, when there’s no real reason for it and it’s just for its own sake. To give voice to these moments of nothing and the slow-cookingness of life.

This is my 2016 so far.

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