Palate cleanser

There's a point over Christmas when it all gets to be a bit cloying for me. I get antsy for air and space in my home well before the season is done. I guess I find it all a bit overwhelming. This Christmas was in particular a bit of a distraction for me. With December's career change hoopla and a bonkers new addition named Beau to the Flanagan household, Christmas was the least of my worries. Still, I'll be glad to put all the paraphernalia away and excited for all that has begun in 2015 but will be resolved in 2016 (right now - most especially - crate training my wee man).

Anyway, I was browsing online and came across this place in the portfolio of Petra Bindel and it just seemed like the perfect palate cleanser - a relaxed and clean space. Interesting but plain. It fits my mood right now.

All photographs by Petra Bindel
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