Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

I'm winding down here for the holidays. Christmas Eve is by far my favourite day of the holidays. I've only a few nicer groceries to get tomorrow and then I'm errand free. I'll try to get into the ravine and have a little bit of a think as I walk. And, in the evening I'll observe my Very Important Christmas Eve tradition of watching Muppet's Christmas Carol.

Today in the mail, I received Winter Pages (such a beautiful volume!) and I'll be reading that over the holiday. I already flipped through it, scanning pages and so many delightful turns of phrase, bylines and images jumped out at me. It will be a quiet and easy Christmas after a harried and occasionally emotional month.

I know I don't have comments here any more. For some reason, this blogging thing works better for me without comments: I think I'm less self-conscious or something... And the temptation to use them as a yardstick was always troublesome too.

But I hear from many of you regularly - you tweet or e-mail when you like a post - and I enjoy hearing from you and think of you when I'm posting. This is all a long way of saying that regardless of the comments thing, it makes me very happy that so many of you still read and enjoy my blog.

I wish you all the happiest of holidays and the merriest of Christmases!

(The picture is from two Christmases ago - it doesn't look anything like this in Toronto right now!)

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