Franco Albini ottoman

We always had poufs in the living room growing up. My parents would rest their feet on them, while us girls often perched on them around boardgames or colouring books. I don't really have nostalgic feelings about the furniture I grew up with, though. Most of it was orange or avocado green and I always remember the textures as itchy and unwelcoming. Still, I can see the allure of the pouf. And I get why Moroccan style ones are so popular right now, often adding a lovely pop of colour, or an unstructured accent.

But my favourite is the Franco Albini rattan ottoman. I guess I love furnishings with a bit of transparency to them -- probably why I like my tulip table (and conversely why I loathe my current coffee table). I've been noticing the Albini ottoman crop up in images over and over, but actually they're present even in some much older inspiration shots (I posted this in 2009). Which is good, because they're not exactly cheap so I'd want to be fairly certain. Though if I do look in earnest, I'll be sure to see if I can score a deal on Etsy or eBay.

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