Wednesday 25th

A butterball full moon was rising through the mist tonight as I left the office. I made my way through side streets to the bridge that crosses the ravine. There, the tree-line falls down and the streetlights are dim enough to let me feel the moonlight. She glowed serenely.

I kept her in my sights the whole way home and, even with my back to her, I watched the shadow of me she cast. I thought about things that have been happening with a mild sense of disbelief. I tried to imagine what the next few weeks will hold; I tried to imagine snow on the ground. But the moon kept pulling me back to where I was and hushing my mind.

I stopped at the market and bought random things, idling by the beautiful panettone boxes and wishing for a mere moment I had more mouths to feed. A man was standing at the fridges, reading out the names of all the prepared meals to (I assume) his wife on the phone: Lobster risotto, shrimp fettuccine, chicken tetrazini, he sounded out. I loitered to see what she would choose but then wondered what I was doing and moved along.

I crossed the train tracks and made my way up the hill, down streets with homes too grand to dream about, feeling a strange fondness for people I will never know when I caught sight of a room with floor-to-ceiling bookcases. I smiled at a raccoon, frozen and watching, all mischief and thievery, looking me back in the eye, defying me to see him while trying to remain hidden. I whispered to him, Artful Dodger.

On Inglewood Drive, the giant inflatable Santas were up. Six or seven of them, all identical, making a pleasant mockery of the formal homes, a jolly neighbourhood conspiracy. And I thought for a moment how it's curious that there's only really levity in bad taste. And the Santas seemed to me a very admirable way for these owners to spend their time and their millions.

I lined up for coffee I didn't need and came inside. Sometimes when I come home I'm curious about how I first react to my place, like that moment when I walk in holds the truth of "home". But tonight I only noticed how bright the place was, full of moonlight. I sat like that, just for a minute, holding my coffee. Then I got up and turned on the lights and made myself dinner.
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