Sunday best: Like caramel

There are a few upsides to the unseasonable warmth we're having right now. Mostly, I'm still walking to work and running outdoors, which is making me insanely happy every single day. The other, of equal measure, is that clothing and footwear has yet to flip over to the practicalities of deep winter, when words like "warmth" and "grip" govern decisions and basically chase all the words that connote style from my lexicon.

Confession: When I was young and I'd see Italians tourists in Ireland, I made this secret vow to myself to grow up and dress like an Italian. All those biscuity, caramel tones were everything subdued and luxurious to me, a girl growing up in a country that thought fuchsia was exactly the colour to liven up a washed-out complexion.

Italians seemed to be everything we weren't: Our pallor and limpid eyes couldn't hold a candle to the glow of their skin, their warm brown eyes. Our scratchy, lumpy wool always smelled like rain and we knew nothing of these fine, cloud-like knits that draped and enveloped. Don't even get me started on the shoes! Slip-on silken leather instead of our hefty black brogues laced up tight to keep our feet growing right (what the hell was that all about!?)

Well, I'm all grown up. And I've actually come to think of my stupid eyes as my only nice feature. But, by God, I still want all of this caramel gorgeousness.

Products: Reversible cashmere coat from MaxMara | ChloƩ pants from Net-a-Porter | Lulu Perle Earring from Sophie Bille Brahe | Santal 33 form Le Labo | Sycomore from Les Exclusifs de Chanel | Cashmere turtleneck form J.Crew | Lip Slip from Sara Happ | Taupe Pouch from The Daily Edited | Dieppa Restrepo loafers from The Outnet

P.S. Beauty notes: Yes, there are two fragrances in this Sunday best. I give you Eau de Flanagan; a spray of Santal, a tiny spritz of Sycomore. You're welcome. Also, yes, I put Sara Happ's lip slip in every single Sunday best. For the past two years, it's seriously the only thing I wear on my lips.

P.P.P.S. This post was not brought to you by MaxMara because I don't do stupid sponsored posts. But mostly I don't do sponsored posts because they're always for things like Method hand soap, not MaxMara coats.
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