Sunday best: "Blue and green should never be seen"

I think we're lucky to be living at a time where most style "rules" can be broken. Even a decade ago it was customary to hear dictates about the kind of clothes that certain bodies should wear (I may have written one or two of those "helpful" articles too; that the wrap-dress is a must-have for a curvy figure, that skinny jeans were no-no for those of us who weren't beanpoles... notions I recoil at now).

On Friday night after work I thumbed my way through the new Kinfolk decor book. And it wasn't that the homes contained therein aren't beautiful (some of them truly are), but the overarching aesthetic is so narrow and self-confining and I sortof felt, why?! I mean, why would we self-impose such a rigid aesthetic on ourselves? Isn't the joy of decor and of style right now that such eerily homogenous ideas are in the past?

I love that my friends all have different styles of home and dress. I love that I live in a world of colour even when I armour myself in all black. And when I hear "blue and green should never be seen" I hear it as a schoolground taunt and it strikes me as insecure rather than confident. Plus, I've been really feeling this colour combination lately (probably in part thanks to Horses Atelier and also the stunning ensemble below that I spotted over on Collage Vintage).

Products: Inspiration image form Collage Vintage | St Louis Ivy Sunglasses from Krewe | Pearl earrings from Satomi Kawakita | Frame Denim Le Garcon jeans form Net-a-Porter | Patch Pocket Jacket from Horses Atelier | Cashmere Turtleneck from J.Crew | Jordaan leather loafer from Gucci
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