Sunday best: Better late...

The extra hour today did nothing to make me feel less harried! On Friday I got home and found my kitchen in disarray. My super had replaced my countertops (which is great, but of course I hated what they chose). Still, worse than the countertops was the installation job they did. There were chunks gouged out of my walls and door frames, my windowsill was splintered with nails sticking out. I actually cried and then, of course, I rolled up my sleeves and fixed it.

So Saturday was all spackling and woodfiller, prime and paint. I took all the cupboard doors off (this involves 10 stiff screws per door, so I got an upper body workout the likes of which I haven't had in years). Finally at about 11pm last night things started to look okay-ish. It's funny, even though I still hate the countertops, now I've worked so hard on the kitchen I can't help but admire my work haha! I replaced all the cabinet hardware too and rearranged my open shelves and tried to "prop" the kitchen to reduce the vile impact of the counters. Sigh. Done.

Today I did nicer things so come tomorrow it doesn't feel like I had no weekend at all. I gallivanted and bought flowers and dessert and just felt this deep down love for the city (when it looks like this, it can't be helped). I fell in love with this vest by White & Warren (spotted at 6 by Gee). And now I'm just relaxing, doing some tidying up and thinking about what the week will look like. It will be nanoseconds before I start wishing for another weekend!

Hope you had a good one!

Products: Sherpa Vest & Crewneck by White & Warren | Frame Denim La Garcon Jeans from Net-a-Porter | Lip Slip by Sara Happ | Bow Ring from Tiffany | Ingrid Boot by Bryr | Santal 33 by Le Labo | Half Moon Purse from A.P.C.
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