Secret Single Behaviour / Fortnight Lingerie

Remember that episode of SATC where the girls talked about their Secret Single Behaviour: Little things those of us who live alone do that we wouldn't do in front of a roommate or significant other? Sad but predictably true, most of mine involve cleaning and organizational frenzies. But some are of the more devil-may-care variety; dance parties and Lisa Eldridge guided make-up experiments included. (I wish my interpretative Kate Bush dances were something I kept to myself, but unfortunately many, MANY people have seen those.)

Peeling off my bra the second I got home used to be one of my SSBs too. It's always been a love/hate thing for me with bras: Support is mandatory. And I love the pretty, lacy things too. But they never felt good, comfortable, second-skin-like. Bras have always made me feel like I must be slightly deformed; like they're not fitting me the way they're meant to fit. (And yes, before you ask, I have always been professionally measured and fitted).

After years of automatically wearing underwires (and feeling that underwire was really the only choice), I've been living in Fortnight Lingerie's longline bras lately. Finally, bras I don't wrestle to the ground the second my front door closes! I love that they're not just bland beige basics too; I still feel like I'm wearing gorgeous, pretty lingerie. And yet I'm completely comfy in them too.

I know the underwire is mandatory for many (in ampler times, this would have been a non-starter) and thankfully Fortnight does have a larger collection that includes underwires. But if, like me, you've just been carrying on feeling like your underwire bra is your frenemy, maybe consider trying a style like this.

Styled shots from the Spring collection. Product shots from current. (And, no, this is not a sponsored post — you know I don't do those!)

Edit: Happy coincidence: Fortnight just launched an online shop so you can shop online today!
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