Do you ever feel a sudden anger about something that happened a long time ago, that you didn't react to at the time? It's as if it took you years to process your feelings, and now you role-play the scenario with all the appropriate reactions?

This tends to happen with me when I'm waiting for outcomes I can't control. In its own inadequate way, it might be an assertion of agency over a situation: I can't control the thing I'm waiting to unfold, but I can project all my frustration at this past event that time has rendered fairly benign. It's a sort of "safe" emotional flexing, I think.

There have been moments this week when my mind has jumped to some past injustice and I've felt myself starting to feel scrappy about it. But I've stopped myself because it's ultimately a pointless, running-amok kind of emotional energy. Instead, I downloaded Beat It and went for a run, which meant I ran 10k every day this week. And I feel okay about that.

Some links for your weekend, which I hope is a good 'un!
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