Bare floors?

Weeks ago, I got rid of the huge red rug that had dominated my living room. I had plans to replace it, likely with something very neutral and natural (wool, jute, sisal).

{Source: Workstead}

At first, my floors seemed very naked without a rug. But the "clean" look is growing on me and I thinkI might leave my floors bare for the next little while and see how it feels. So, I've been paying a little extra attention to rugless rooms.

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It's worth noting that bare floors bare do not automatically make a room look more minimal - some of these rooms are as cozy as you can imagine. I was relieved to see bare floors aren't pigeon-holed with a certain design aesthetic. Also, the OCD cleaner in me loves the how clean these rooms are, especially those floors with a little sheen to them. Man, I love a spick-and-span surface.

{Source: Remodelista}

Of course, though, there are also practical reasons for having rugs: They add insulating warmth to cold rooms. And, perhaps more important, they create a soft surface for wee people to lie on. My apartment is not one that suffers cold - in fact it can sometimes feel too warm. And I clearly don't have wee ones to contend with. (I may, one day, have a four-legged friend, but rugless actually suits that better too.)

{Source: Yellowtrace}

Also, this all assumes you have floors you like and want to show off (my kitchen tiles are another matter altogether!) But now I've sold myself on the bare floor idea, I've started mentally subtracting the rugs from all the rooms I see on decor blogs and thinking they look better! So for now, I might stick with my bare floors. Which also means (hooray!): More money for a new sofa!
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