Sunday best: That thing you keep looking at but probably won't buy

I've been browsing/shopping a fair bit at Anthropologie lately, which is new for me. I'm still rebuilding my wardrobe and find I have to try everything on because I don't really know my size / shape / body any more with all my running. I keep looking at this jumpsuit and, since today's Sunday best isn't the reality of my day at all (I'm in the office), I thought I might as well indulge the fantasy...

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Products: Ionic Cape from Aritzia | Enbee Jumpsuit from Anthropologie | Black Diamond Eternity Band from Satomi Kawakita | Sycomore from Les Exclusifs de Chanel | Ruby Rush Lipstick from Tom Ford | Rider Bag from Loeffler Randall | The Modern Point from Everlane

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