Sunday best: The everything coat

The thing about a coat that is as "everything" as this coat is that all else you wear can be entirely nondescript. I really didn't need to throw a Gucci purse in there, but it does make the ensemble an everything one-two. Otherwise, this is as simple as it gets. And yet it's probably one of the most sumptuous Sunday bests I've ever pulled together.

Of course, basics are their own small everything too. A pair of perfect black jeans is not to be sniffed at... especially as they're something I definitely need to find right now. And have I mentioned I'm strangely drawn to turtlenecks right now? (relieved to know I'm not alone!)

Products: Shashi Noa Ear Climbers from Shopbop | Max Mara Flash Coat from Matches | J Brand 811 jeans from Net-a-Porter | Classic Wool Turtleneck from J.Crew | Santal 33 from Le Labo | Lady Lock purse from Gucci | The Modern Point from Everlane
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