Rita Konig

I still buy Domino whenever there's a new issue, mostly trying to relive some of the magic of the original magazine. Much of that magic came from Rita Konig, so I'm very happy she has gathered her interiors up in her new website. Some of these spaces are still my go-to inspiration shots when I'm rethinking my interiors. And it's not so much that I see myself copying design elements or furniture choices as that looking at these spaces makes me see my own space differently, more daringly. She also inspire me to reconcile rather than choose between my modern and classical instincts. And I love how she (like Ben Pentreath) makes formal elements light and fun, and colour choices seem such a happy-go-lucky endeavour. Here are some of my favourites, but you should visit Rita's site here. You can also read her past articles, so much good advice here.

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