Kitchens with rugs

I've been making little bits of progress on my apartment updates. On the weekend, my big red rug went to a new and loving home. The resulting bare floors make me uneasy, but it is easier to think about what's next without the distraction. AND! My super has agreed to replace my kitchen countertops -- although this is great news, it also leaves me on tenterhooks about what they'll choose and the quality of job they'll do. I left lots of magazines open with white-on-white kitchens the day they came to measure, hopefully they'll take the hint!

In the meantime, I'm focusing on things I can control and there's always plenty to keep me occupied there. Once the kitchen painting and countertops are complete, I've been thinking about how to cover the godawful floor tiles. More and more, I'm inspired by kitchens with rugs and have been saving up some inspiration.

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