Kara Rosenlund

I have a few things to be framed right now, but that never stops me eyeing up new art and I've just fallen in love with the work of Kara Rosenlund, which you can (and should!) browse right here.

I'm not usually one to think about hanging landscapes other than of those places with which I have a meaningful history and connection, but I find these images utterly compelling. It's funny: when I was little, photography and documentaries made me want to travel. I still remember certain Attenborough documentaries that made a home my soul in ways likely connected to Canada becoming my own second home.

But images of places near and far are no longer a scarce or magical thing, so it's a testament to Kara Rosenlund's work that it evokes that kind of childlike wish for adventure, to wrap my arms around the scenes captured and belong in them too.

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