It's interesting how we often don't notice how bad things really are until they change. I suppose we're built so well to cope with stress that we inhibit the information flooding us, screaming "this is terrible!" What's worse, we can even become accustomed to situations in ways that give them a perverse kind of comfort. Ahh, this brand of horror is familiar! Yay, I know how to cope with this!

I always care deeply about voting in Canada's elections and I always do vote. But I don't usually feel a dramatic paradigm shift in the wake of an election. Even when we got rid of our notorious mayor, it felt like a small steering correction, not a dramatic lane change. But this week I really felt I woke up to a new Canada. And - best of all - an old Canada too. It's been palpable all week.

The Germans probably have a word for a feeling of nostalgia that strangely applies to the present. It would makes sense of how I've felt all week, the small bursts of joy I've had every time I think about our new leader. And, no, I don't think it's gonna be perfect - they're all still politicians for chrissakes! But I'll take my politics with a side of hope over a side of fear and meanness and bigotry any day.

I haven't thought too much about this weekend, really, but I am seeing this tonight! I guess I'll just enjoy the height of fall, my favourite time of year, and all that's in the air.

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