Four day weeks are the biggest temporal illusion going. Somehow they always feel longer. By Thursday, I'm waking up thinking it must be over already. This week, I'm really feeling the dark and heavy of this season descend. Yes, it's gorgeous and fallsy and when the light is golden it feels like the best of seasons. But I also miss my early nighttime runs when the sky slowly fades pink to orange to incandescent blue.

All week, I've been obsessing about what to hang over my couch. I've always opted for a grouping probably, well, cause it's cheaper. But I want a single artwork and that means big and that means expensive. And there must be some Murphy's Law that when you're looking for horizontal art you keep falling for verticals and vice versa. I was originally thinking an abstract canvas from Lola Donoghue (imagined here). But now I keep looking at this photo form Kara Rosenland. And last night I remembered these ice fishing huts and felt the pull of investing in a local artist. They're all so different and they'd all be great. But I've looked at them all for too long to decide, you know? Anyhoo, I'll get there.

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