Favourites from RH Modern

I was a typical youngster insofar as my earliest instincts were to rebel against what was local and familiar. I was surrounded by Irish country charm, patina, woollens and aged layers. So, naturally, I fantasized about crisp, clean-lined minimalism. The first designer I loved was Giorgio Armani. The first interior designer I knew by name was Kelly Hoppen.

I suppose it's why The Holiday is among favourite Nancy Meyers movie from a design perspective. I love the polarity of Kate and Cameron's homes. But I also love thinking about how each would change were either to permanently switch continents as part of their "ever after". The transatlantic design tryst is one close to my heart and I've probably spent a decade vacillating and finally reconciling my Irish roots with my love of clean minimalism.

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I still love a simple and elegant modernity. But I've found a way to make a home of it. I'll pile in books, accessories, plants and abundant florals. Hand me any of these rooms and I'll clutter the b'Jaysus out of them with objects story-telling and highly personal. And this is all a long way of saying that it may surprise you, but I'm completely smitten with Restoration Hardware's new line Modern. I'm usually one to scorn their epic catalogues, but I want this one. Some favourite pieces above!

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