The look of lighting (& have we lost our daring?)

There's a definite look to lighting right now. Much of it feels like a footnote to Serge Mouille, with lots of brass for good measure. Exposed bulbs are a-ok (though I wonder if people living with them are sick of the glare?) The look is classic in the sense that it's a no fail traditional/modern mix (just as tulip tables have long moved beyond mid-century decor). On the whole, I love these looks and love all the lights below and the companies that make them.

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At the same time, it always makes me a little nervous when design seems so simultaneously on point. Beni Ourain rugs, Moroccan wedding blankets, sheepskin throws, fiddle leaf ferns, cement tile, stark modern lighting. I miss more diversity in blogs and magazines; spaces that are classical, truly eclectic or minimal. It's almost a feeling that we're continuously liking things that resemble that one thing we all liked before. Has design come to some kind of luxe-boho-transitional impasse? Have we lost our daring?

I'm not throwing stones in glass houses - I'm really into much of this too. (I've wasted hours looking through cement tile websites!) But I'm starting to wonder when it will all take on a distinctly "sooo 2015" feel.

The irony is that the prevailing message right now is all about forging your own individual design direction. And yet, there's this sameness in stores from indie boutiques to big chains like West Elm, on magazine pages and in blogs. And I'm sensing myself gravitate towards that sameness too. I want to make sure I'm not just defaulting to obvious default decisions. So, this is as much a little reminder to myself: Be more daring! Make choices that appeal but that also scare you a little.
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