Sunday best: Fall textures

Change is in the air. I love this feeling... because it always feels like the seasonal transition might catapult us not into all kinds of new adventures. Like it's an opportunity to reinvent, try something new, discard old things. I find it all so energizing because I'm always optimistic about change. It makes me nervous, of course, but it's a giddy kind of nervousness.

I feel this about fashion too: With a new season, there's a chance to try something new. For me, fall is always the most exciting fashion seasons for all the gorgeous layers and textures. I don't need it to be brazen or over-the-top, I just love it for all this cozy comfort. I think it's also because these clothes call out self-care as much as style. They just look like they would feel so good to wear. And I like that too — fall as a self-care kind of season.

Products: Croissant de Perle earring from Sophie Bille Brahe | Santal 33 from Le Labo | Fairisle Knit from &Daughter | Gucci Chevron-knit cropped trousers from Matches | Shimmering Skin Perfector from Becca | Lip Slip from Sara Happ | Penny Felt Peep Toe from Bryr | Mini Rider Bag from Loeffler Randall
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