Never stop scheming...

It's gloomy and autumnal all of a sudden and I'm a strange mix of lethargy and antsiness that makes me capable of channeling too much energy into silly scheming. On the weekend, I went paint-shopping and successfully chose paint for my kitchen. I also got a sample pot of the dark blue paint I was considering for my bedroom and tried it out. Even a small patch of it felt oppressive to me and I decided to stick with my current shade of greige (OC-28). Sometimes decorating is learning if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Embracing the lighter hue made me reconsider my original bedroom scheme and think about lighter rugs too. I love the lighter Ushaks and Anatolian sunwash rugs on eCarpet so I'm trying them out below. At the same time, I wanted to better envision those Lola Donoghue prints over the sofa I hope to buy in the next few months, so I started making a moodboard for my living room.  It's important to me that my entire apartment cohere; I don't like homes that have jarringly different colours and styles room to room. So I wanted to look at everything altogether:

I really like how all of this sits together: It feels like a coherent space. The kitchen plan (bottom left) is the revised one I blogged before and I'm pretty much sticking to this and working on that right now (I won't reblog the details, but you can read that post here). Here's a closer look at the other three:

First, is the main "seating" area of my living room. I hope to replace everything I've fallen out of love with: I want a lighter rug and happy art over the gorgeous blue of the sofa. A leather armchair has been a recurring want here for a long time, but I actually now want a matching pair. The "blue sky" item here is the gorgeous coffee table. We'll see if it manifests, but regardless, I'll look for something lighter - the one I currently have feels so heavy and solid. The photograph by my friend Doreen is a scheme-in-progress and I'll post more about it soon. It's going to be a highlight!

Sconce | Artwork 1, 2 | Plants | Sofa | Lamp | Rug | Coffee Table | Armchairs | Staghorn | Bookshelf (similar) | Photograph | Fig

The second board is also part of the living room, so shares the same space as what's above. This board mostly makes sense of what I already own in the context of what I'm adding above. My TV stand is IKEA and I'd love to replace it with something more special (as I would love to replace the Expedit above with built-ins), but I'm being realistic here and plan just to upgrade the hardware. The (approx) desk, tulip and chairs are all what I have today (I've been amazingly lucky finding vintage Saarinen pieces and my beloved Hans Wegner chairs that I think were used in Hannibal(!!) in Toronto). The art and accessories are what I have too (hence some no longer available). The only exceptions are the desk lamp and pouf - so small additions here.

Sconce (no longer made) | Artwork | Desk (similar to mine) | Desklamp | Chair | Table | Chair | Leather Pull | Staghorn | TV | Plant | Plate | TV Stand | Artwork (no longer available) | Pouf | Plant

And finally, the updated bedroom. This revised bedroom plan is softer than the rest of the apartment, but still has some of the same blue repeats. The Nelson pendant nods to the mid-century era of my apartment and furniture elsewhere. But, roses instead of plants and a little more of a classical vibe make it more romantic, I think. With the idea of dark paint abandoned, I'm a mere rug away from this scheme, which is exciting!

Artwork | Pendant | Paint | Roses | Candle | Headboard | Pillowcases | Rug | Sconces (no longer available) | Chair | Artwork (no longer available)

As some of you will know, I've lived in my apartment a long time now, so it's been a fairly slow and steady evolution. I'm at a stage now where I want to step back and allow myself to let go of some of the past decisions I feel trapped by. It's been a really fun exercise to think about everything at once instead of coming at it one purchase at a time. I'm nearly tempted to store all the new things as I purchase them so I can have a weekend where everything is simultaneously and dramatically transformed!
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