Lola Donoghue

Weeks ago, I removed the artwork over my sofa and there's been a glaring hole there ever since. But I'm not one to rush into buying artwork; it's a purchase that I demand involve heart as much as (if not more than) head. Lola Donoghue's work keeps pulling me back and I'm thinking of a pair of her colourful print over my sofa to brighten things up. (It makes me happy that she's Irish too, of course!)

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I've been thinking of about updating a few different things in my apartment, undoing some decisions I've outgrown or regret and replacing some larger pieces of furniture. It's an exciting process because I usually think about more steady evolution, but that can sometimes feel like decisions are limited by past decisions. I'm relishing this more "blank slate" approach; thinking how I would decorate if I were starting from nothing. Once in awhile, it's fun to think about stepping back and creating something brand new, letting go of past decisions that can feel so trapping.
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