Lately on Instagram

If I have a superpower, it's the ability to inhibit the city around me. I've carved out an existence here that is secret and green. I dip below street level and forget the concrete suction of the city. There are lots of things on the internet about how Instagram is not a reflection real life. And of course it's not.

But real life isn't that real either: We're all actively inhibiting the the information clamouring in on us. It's a fact that our brains simply could not process all the sense data being flung at us from every angle. We inhibit the sound of traffic to listen to each other speak. We inhibit many faces and objects in our immediate visual field to focus on those things we need and want to see to navigate our way, traffic lights and signposts for example. We're constantly cropping and editing and we were doing this long before Instagram or cameras.

So, I don't think Instagram is half as dishonest as people make it out to be. Or at least its dishonesty is just a reflection of the dishonest ways we all bend our own worldview. And I don't see Instagram as a lie somebody's telling me, as much as a little glimpse of the warped truth that they tell themselves. And when I look at my own feed, I see only the romance of my own warped truth too. And I don't mind it at all...

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