Yellow sofas (!)

I've been vaguely looking for a couch for some time. It's not an urgent need, nor top of the list. But it's such a big purchase, and informs every other small decision I make about my space, that it's good to have a general direction in mind. Recently, I wandered into Stylegarage to check out their selection. All their couches are gorgeous, but the new Margot really jumped out at me. And I surprised myself by really loving the yellow showroom model.

So I've been thinking about yellow sofas! And then I stumbled on this space featured on Oracle Fox. It's from The Playing Circle. And I'm feeling it.

Also, Jessica Helgerson put a yellow sofette in this divine kitchen. And Ben Pentreath (by Max Rollitt) has one in his Dorset parsonage home. I suspect these images have been buried deep in my consciousness for some time and they were unlocked when I saw the Margot. It's nice to surprise oneself once in awhile, I suppose!

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