Sunday best: Classics, updated

It's hard to argue with the classics: blue jeans, white shirts. Lately, I've been feeling pearl jewelry in a big way (which is lovely, since pearls are my birthstone). But, you know, I haven't gone twinset brigade on you. A glimpse of lingerie, some relaxed accessories keep the country club at arm's length.

It's really feeling like the end of summer now. The squirrels have started their squirrelly busy-work. I walked home wondering how they know the change in season from a break in the weather. But I shouldn't wonder, because I know it too in my own animal way. The smell of the sun, the blue of the night sky; the shift is palpable.

Last night's supermoon was very weighty for me. This has been an important summer for me, a great one even. And last night's moon made me rededicate to all the good choices I've made, to not lose sight of the real priorities. Perhaps that's why classics are on my mind too. No need to be chasing flimsy distractions...

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