Joseph F/W

Before I immigrated to Canada (more than 13 years ago now!) I splurged at Brown Thomas on a really basic Joseph top. Charcoal, scoop neck and long-sleeve, it was perfect for layering. That top is proof positive that sometimes a "splurge" turns out to be a saving, because it's still in my closet today and I still wear it beneath sweaters and dresses - very much as I imagined wearing it when I bought it.

When I moved to Canada, I was sad Joseph didn't have much a presence here. It had always been one of those brands that I felt was realistically aspired to. But, in recent years, the brand has had a resurgence that's put it back on my radar. And it's interesting how loyal I still am because of that one top and because of the way I used to run my hands over pieces I couldn't afford when I was in university.

Their fall collection is full of beautiful enveloping knits, shearling vests and clean tailoring that just makes me feel warm and cocoon-y just looking at them in a way that feels ultimately luxurious.

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