I've been all amped up this week with new ideas and ants in my pants to change a bunch of things. There's a scene in an old episode of Father Ted where Ted & Dougal have to clean the house themselves and they stand up all throwing shapes and punching the air, but don't know how to start -- and that's sort of how I feel: I'm full of gusto, but I'm not quite equipped to get going yet.

For instance, things are getting pretty desperate in the ole wardrobe: Everything is suddenly too big for me and, while I'm happy about that, I'm having a hard time separating wants versus needs. ( I suppose knickers and jeans that don't feel like nappies would be a good place to start. Ugh, but I really want to buy a pretty hat!!) And I'm in a similar space with my apartment; I finally have clear ideas about things I want to do, but am now coming to grips with practical realities and pacing.

You know, you work so hard to get to a place where you're emotionally ready to make a bunch of decisions and then you realize, oh it's not just about my emotional readiness. I need to save money and think about practical things and all that. And I know this is basic being-a-grownup stuff, but sometimes I'm just impatient and want to do everything at once (yes, I have my Veruca Salt moments, don't we all?!)

But the weekend is here and that's always a good time to settle down and have a glass of wine (or a smoothie treat!), enjoy the end of summer and calm my scrappy zeal.

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