Emerson Fry F/W

Although we're heatwaving here in Toronto, I've been thinking ahead to fall fashion a lot lately; mostly because I (truly) need to buy new clothes. To be honest, it's a little overwhelming. Because I need basics like underwear, jeans, tees etc. as well a investment pieces like a new winter coat. And I'm a capsule wardrobe kind of customer, so I'm really looking to assemble a select few pieces that have versatility and quality.

I like and trust Everlane for many pieces but I've always kept an eye on Emerson Fry as a source for basics-with-a-twist. Because much as I love a good standard, it can sometimes be difficult to fork out on something utterly basic... so I love that her pieces usually have a little stand-out touch without being too attention-seeking. Many of these pieces strike the perfect sweetspot of something I can integrate in a capsule but also fall for meaningfully.

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