Kitchen inspiration

I mentioned last week that I'm noodling a mini kitchen reno. It's fun to daydream and scheme at the very least and I haven't gone far beyond that. On closer inspection of finances, I'll likely lay some of this aside.

Very long-time readers may remember the last time I did a mini kitchen reno. It was the most elbow grease I've ever put into a place. Those temporary tiles have long gone, replaced with paint. But I think the glaring things that stand out in all images are the countertops and floors. I detest both.

The good thing is my kitchen is very small, so we're talking about very little counter and floor space too. I'm hoping that makes it all delightfully accessible (relish the naiveté for now!) I won't change the kitchen cupboards (the ones below are shown just for context) - probably just a fresh coat of paint. The hardware, I hope, will elevate everything.

Obviously, cement tiles are so on trend right now. But I sincerely love them and love the colour of these ones (plus, it's a shade of blue that pops up throughout my place). I love the look of the butcher block countertops, but I need to research how practical they are. I tend to spill and drop so I might have to look for something more hard-wearing.

Anyway, like I said: idle dreams right now but that's always the first step. I have to say, when it comes to kitchen and bathroom inspiration, Jessica Helgerson's portfolio is all I need to get me going. She just has this magical touch and although they images here are not direct inspiration, I'm sure you can see her influence on me too.

Inspiration: Backsplash tile | Restoration Hardware light | Schoolhouse Electric hardware | Butcher block countertop | cabinet | Cement Tile Shop Paris floor tile
All other images by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design
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