Discovered lately...

Remember when we used to blog, not for anybody was reading, not because we had created a machine that needed to be fed, but simply to remember? Lately I've been recalling the early pleasure of having a place to record the seemingly disparate things I encountered and latched onto fleetingly. I've been remembering too what it was like when a certain coherence began to emerge between those things and I became aware of having an actual style of my own.

A little time away from blogging and that space opens up again, where it's not about seeking but about recording, and where a little assembly of lovely things can be just a simple pleasure. These are things that have caught my eye of late.

Product information: Corriedale Wool Knit Stitch Blanket from The Line | Cliff Murale from Lambert et Fils | Candles from Maison Louis Marie | Skincare and bodycare from Grown Alchemist | Strata Study Wallpaper form Zak and Fox & Apparatus | Andrianna Shamaris Resin Cube from The Line | Pearl Earring by Yvonne Leon

Sunday best: What you already know

I think one of the reasons I like astrology is because it gives me symbols to articulate what I already feel, think, know. Some people have disdain for that - the need for symbolism: Use your words, use your reason, don’t lean on such flimsy notions, they might say. But the idea that reason exists in a cool, abstract clime, is erroneous too. Even our reasoned conclusions are guided by our emotional selves, by what we feel is true.

I believe in listening to my inner animal. The me that seems to know certain things a priori. The me that I often try to ignore or change or manipulate, but that’s there whether I like it or not, underpinning my self, my identity.

Now that I’m older I tend to think I’m wiser about a lot of things. But wisdom often isn’t an ah-ha moment of acquiring new knowledge. It’s very often a moment of coming to a deeper understanding and acceptance of something you already know, that you might have known from the very start. What is wisdom isn’t the information itself, it’s how you come to hold it in your hands over time.

Last weekend, I cleaned out my closet. What was left will hardly be a surprise to any of us: Black tunics and sweater dresses, silk, wool, leggings, flats; the uniform I’ve articulated over and over and over in Sunday bests and posts about the clothes I love. It wasn’t a new lesson, but I grasped it more deeply.

And of course, this isn’t just about the shape and colour of the clothes I like to wear. It’s about knowing who I am too and accepting that. My retail mistakes weren’t just moments when I made a rash choice, they were also moments when I rejected myself and tried to be something else, when I was fighting who I really am.

The exercise left me feeling calm, unwanting. It’s funny how less can immediately be more. My closet became an easy thing to open — a simple reflection of who I really am today, rather than a faceted mirror filled with past and possible versions of me (or perhaps not me). Still, I I can’t say that I learned anything new -- only that I held this truth in my hands differently this time. That I accepted what I already knew in a way I hadn’t before.

So, why the Sunday best? Because style isn’t a single snapshot moment in time - it’s something that moves in tandem with our days, our moods, our mutable selves. Even a style as narrow as mine is improvised on, changing slowly over time (though nowhere near as fast as the revolutions of fashion would wish it changed). I realize anew the power of these symbols, these talismans we wear on our backs. And what I already knew became new and exciting again.

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