A poem for Monday

When I was little, and I suppose still now, I struggled with those ideas that we're all part of the same thing, one whole, connected in some deep and mysterious way. I wanted to be autonomous. And it didn't mean that I didn't care for others or for the world, but I suppose I wanted to be a singular too. I love this poem because it looms so large and thunders out, but there's such a sweet surrender to it. We're all the Mississippi. It's by Aram Saroyan.

I'm the Mississipi
I'm the Mississippi. Nothing
Can stop me. Everything goes my way
Or I flow over, around, or under it,
Changing my dimensions as I go.

Trees, rocks, the animal and human kingdom
Are all passengers of my will. I treat them
As they treat me, loving the way I go on and on
Until I meet the sea. I'm the Mississippi.

Men sail me as I sail them, no better and
No Worse. I'm a river, in the end, not a destination.
Nothing comes between me and my own motion.
I embrace it, and it becomes me, the Mississippi.
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